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HOOJ 103
Tata Box Inhibitors - Freet

  Release Date: 22.01.01
  Writer: Dobre & Jamez
  1st 12": HOOJ103:
A. Pascal F.E.O.S Remix
B. Orginal Mix
  2nd 12": HOOJ100R:
A. Trisco Remix
B. Jamie Anderson Remix
  CD: HOOJ100CD:
1. Pascal F.E.O.S Remix
2. Orginal Mix
3. Trisco Remix
4. Jamie Anderson Remix
  Hoojfan Comments
More from the Trancesetters/Jark Prongo boys Dobre and Jamez. This is very much in their usual vein. The best of the bunch is the Jamie Anderson Remix.
  Hooj Description
Hooj 2001 kicks off with the oddly named 'Tata Box Inhibitors' - 'Freet' , a techy - trance stomper from our favourite Dutch boys Dobre and Jamez [Jark Prongo / Trancesetters etc.].

Mixes come in the shape of an elegant throbber from Pascal F.E.O.S. [pictured left], a full throttle swing-yer-pants jobby from the Trisco boys, and a funky groover from the ever reliable Jamie Anderson, alongside the slightly bonkers Dutch Original. One to blow away those festive cobwebs.

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