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HOOJ 109
Circulation - Turquoise

  Release Date:20.08.01
  Writer: Matt Jackson & Paul David
  1st 12": HOOJ109:
A. Different Gear Remix
B. Original
  2nd 12": HOOJ109R:
A. Weekend World Mix
B. B.L.I.M. Relentless Bass Mix
  CD: HOOJ109CD:
1. Different Gear Remix
2. Original
3. Weekend World Mix
4. B.L.I.M. Relentless Bass Mix
  Hooj Description
Having picked up Circulationís Turquoise track (as well as Grey and Lime) around two and a half years ago from their small, self-titled South London imprint we were left a little confused when two months later the world went Circulation crazy. Not wanting to get unfairly tarred with the bandwagon jumping brush we decided to hold back the release of Turquoise until the dust had settled. So finally Turquoise gets a release, with a tough and tribal remix from different Gear, a smooth, pad-soaked Weekend World interpretation and a tearing breaks mix from BLIM alongside the techy deepness of the original.
  Hoojfan Comments
More top tunes from Hooj, This one has been around for a while but still sounds good. This release of this tune was scooped back in Janaury... here it is! - Overall 6/10

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