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Hooj Fan FAQ

Below are some of the questions that I often get asked in correspondance from the site. This is a 2-way process however.... the aim to turn this site into a resource for Hooj Choons collectors and viewers. So if you can help with some of the questions for youthen please contribute.

I am looking for Hooj Choon, where can I buy it?
Several fans and collectors are on the mailing list and they may reply to your request. A few record stores also tune in from time to time as well. Aside from that take a record store tour and track them down yourself. Thats how I did it.

When Are the New Solar Stone Mixes Coming Out?
I am sorry but at the moment I still do not know whether they are. Its a bit of a quandry... the sound is very Super-Trance but they again release this is what the public want. Just look at the prices on Ebay. The promo releases of this did come out in fair numbers. I have both of them and they are quite good.. but very 1999.

Where Can I get HOOJ73X Tilt - Invisible "Supernatural Dub" ?
This is probably the most in demand Hooj Vinyl. It was a Ltd Edition Promo with a killer tune on it. Prices reach $100 on Ebay. There are an estimated 500 copies kicking around. I have one and I am not selling it. There is also an unrelease Supernatural Mix of this song too... and a possibly a "Human Mix" although this unknown to John Graham from Tilt (he thinks this could be a cover).

Do You Know How to get on the Hooj DJ Promo Mailing List?
Haw Haw Haw Haw. I wish! If you find out let me know. It would be easier to buy the company.

Questions For You

What are Hooj releases 4, 8, 13, 33 & 58 ?
I think that Hooj 33 may be a FFFR cross-over track. It is around the time of Hooj 30 and Hooj 35 which were both FFFR cross overs.

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