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Dance Music Record Stores

As a committed vinyl junkie myself, I can think of nothing better than spending what little time I have trawling the world's record stores hunting down records. Here are few of my favorite stores which I have come across.

The list is totally 100% tainted to the sort of music and stores I like (...If you don't agree then please do your own page!). I generally like 2nd hand stores, Dance Music stores with good Vinyl selection and also some Megastores. Sam Goodies, Woolworths and the middle rank consumer stores you probably won't find in my lists. If you want to add your store then contact me.

  The London Tour This focuses in on Central London and Camden Town. Take a trip around the stores of one of the world's great music cities.
  The New York Tour The New York tour takes place throughout Greenwich Village, East Village and ends up in Union Square. A whole day and over 20 stores.
  The Bristol Tour Daniel Sprague presents hit excellent tour of the Bristol from the west of England. Check them out.
  The Philladelphia Tour The city of Brotherly Love is home to the famous South Street. On this short stretch are over 15 record stores. Check them out.

Do you live in Amsterdam, LA, Sydney, Manchester, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Munich, Bonn, Berlin or any other town with great Record stores. If so, fancy doing a record tour report for this site. Contact me if you are interested.

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