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If you have a great dance music related web site then contact me and maybe we can exchange links.

The Top 3

  Hooj Choons - www.hoojchoons.co.uk - I guess this was always going to be number 1 in the list huh?
  Schallbau - Ralf Hildenbeutel - Stevie B-Zet - A.C. Boutsen - Unofficial Discography - The extremely useful resource for these Eye Q and related German artists. Top Stuff.

Dance Music

  Hooj.com - www.hooj.com - The official online store for Hooj material,
  Jewel Records - www.jewelrecords.net - This online record store specialises in Hooj Choons and other vinyl.
  Global Trance - www.global-trance.co.uk - Top site for Trance and Whirl-Y-Gig related material. A nice look into Rich Morleys record collection too!

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