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06.09.01 - Steev, Special Projects and Space Manouvres AGAIN
Special Welcome to Steve Hoefchen (Steev) who has contributed a wadge of guest reviews for all the tunes, that I never completed ;-) Thanks Steev. Anyone else there care to review then drop us a line. Just one other note on "Special Projects". This is a new Hooj "label" subtitled "we really have to release this tune to cash cow ourselves but its so 1999 that we are doing it under a new name". First up will be the long sought after Solar Stone - Seven Cities. The Paris and Sharp mix is on the street, its pretty dull though. Also on this label will be another Salt Tank tune. Last week on the radio I heard a most excellent Remix of Stage One - Space Manourvres by Mike Monday. My spies tell me this WAS comissioned by Hooj and that at the time of airing it had only been completed 10 days. No word on whether Hooj like it or where it is destined.... maybe $pecial Projects.
30.06.01 - New Solar Stone - Green Light
There is a new Test Pressing (with the cat number HJ33) floating around: Solar Stone: Green Day. Its a single sided test pressing with no label on it, just the Hooj fax number. The tune is a new sound from Solar Stone and is really the best stuff I have heard from them in a long time. Never mind waiting for the on/off release of the new versions of the (rather dull, but cash friendly) Seven Cities, this is the real deal. Its a very positive departure away from the trance-popdatabulous sound of Seven Cities. Take Day By Day add in generous doses of any Any Circulation Track. Sprinkly in slightly funky more housey bass line and then add some slightly dodgy spoken vocals (one girl on a trip and one Dutch Dude taking about clubbing and money). There you have it, its definitely got the Solar Stone sound, although I am not sure (in its present form) it is destined for the Lost Language stable. Any how, at extreme risk, here is a 64K low-fi 30 second Winamp sample (.wma) of the track. Many thanks to Mr Waller for passing this to me (it came from the bins of some seedy Soho record store). On another note if you are really lucky you will find a Ltd. Platipus Release PLAT56C which is a one sided Solar Stone Ambient mix of Libra - Calling Your Name.
06.06.01 - FAQ Update
For all the effort Hooj put into their new sound, image and releases its very intesting to hear that by still the most common questions I get via the site are .... a) Where can I get HOOJ73X Tilt - Invisible "Supernatural Dub" and b) When are the new Solar Stone "Seven Cities" mixes out. I love feedback on the site but..... here are the answers to these questions.
05.05.01 - Hooj.com, Web Page Updates and More
The Site is now updated with new releases up to Hooj 107. Some good stuff coming our way. Hooj.com is also finally up and doing a fine service in the promo dept.
17.02.01 - Nu Progressive Era - Leaks onto the Streets
Many thanks to Mr Waller who alerted me that 2 copies of the next Hooj album (release date 26th March) had snuck into one those cee-dee (sic) stores in Berwick Street. Luckily I was in town this week and with a quick diversion I snaffled the last copy. Review is here.
22.01.01 - Hooj Discography Complete, New Links and new releases
The main discography of all the Hooj Choons releases is now complete (OK, apart from a few comments). I have also added the sub labels Prolekult and Top Banana. Check out some new links too. Today is the release of Hooj 103, Tata Box Inhibitors. Scheduled for next month is the next Hooj album "Nu Progressive Era", looking forward to that one. Hooj albums always keep me busy for weeks. Also Marshall Jefferson V Noosa Heads - Mushrooms is soon to be re-released as Airtight 11.
4.01.01 - Site Updates, Circulation and other new stuff
Happy new year to all the site visitors. Thanks for the overwhelming number of positive comments on the site too. Over the next month I will be updating all the back info on older releases and adding discographies for the Hooj sub labels Prolekult and Top Banana. Next release on Hooj is from Tata Box Inhibitors (Jark Prongo, Trancesetters). I also have heard a rumour that Circulation have signed some tunes to Hooj. They have released a series of housey tunes each with the name of a colour (Amber, Scarlet, Aqua). Which colours (tunes) make it on to Hooj we will all have to wait and see.
27.11.00 - Sourmash is Hooj Release 102
I have just heard that the next release being rushed through before Christmas is a couple of tunes from Sourmash. I managed to get hold of the 2nd 12" which was very tribally. Apparently the 1st 12" will have a mix from the million dollar man of the moment Timo Mass.
15.11.00 - Lost Language Promo Overload
The promotions department at Hooj seem to be on overdrive at the moment. In the last week I have picked up (from the 2nd hand stores) from Promos for 3 as-yet unreleased toons on Lost Language. They must be rushing them out before Christmas. Find of the day was LOST005P and LOST005RP. This is the "Inner Laugh" release from Roland Klinkenberg. Four mixes in all of the "slightly progressive" trancer. Katcha, Steve Porter, Shimmon Vs Hurst & my favorite the James Holden mix. I finally managed to get hands on (some of) the new cuts of Solar Stone - Seven Cities, LOST002RP. The Ambient Dub version I like a lot, it is the one from Chilled Euphoria. On the flip side is the Katcha mix which has done the rounds on the complilations and clubs. The Katcha mix really is a trademark "Katcha mix".... that same old bass sound, this puppy will sell :-) Also on my trawl I came across some of the new mixes of Eugina from Salt Tank, LOST003RP. I think these are now released fully now anyhow.
15.11.00 - Hooj Fan - www.hoojfan.com Opens Up Shop
I hope you find the pages helpful and entertaining. Watch over the coming weeks as there will be much more content popping up on the site. Excuse any missing graphics and links at the early stage too.Any comments, questions or ideas then let me know.

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