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Hooj Man

The undoubted star of the Hooj releases is the stick man, or "Hooj Man". By all accounts this started off as a roughly drawn makeshift logo by Phil Howells Girlfriend. In the early releases this was in crayon. The artwork developed and became more definted with each release. After the 30th or so release the Hooj Man cartoon on the back of each release was inspired by the title on the flip side. Check out some of the graphics below to see what the Hooj Man gets up to.

Hooj Man Trivia

Hooj 15 - This contains a graphic which eventually became the Hooj Choons logo we know and love today.

Hooj 94 is the last 12" to feature Hooj Man on the label. After this he migrates to the back of the outer cover.

Hooj Releases 62, 71,78, 80, 90 do not contain Hooj Man. These are releases for established artists and I guess here there own logo takes precendence.

The Adventures of Hooj Man

Hooj Man, The Early Years (HOOJ 01-29)
Hooj Man, The Teenage Years (HOOJ 30-59) & Cross Over
Hooj Man, The Undiscovered Files (HOOJ Albums)
Hooj Man, Grows Up (HOOJ 60-89)
Hooj Man, Today (HOOJ 90-Now)

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