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Hooj Man - The Undiscovered Files

We all know the Hooj man which we find on the record labels, however there are more... hidden away on the Hooj albums there are other graphics which never made it to the record labels. I am not always sure why? - sometimes because the track is a licence, sometimes it is just not on there (and gets replaced with a generic Hooj logo). Any how here they are....

HOOJ30 - JX - You Belong To Me

HOOJ28 - Sister Bliss - CanGetAManCantGetAJob

HOOJ29 - Tin Tin Out - Always

HOOJ35 - JX - Son of A Gun

HOOJ22 - DCO2 - Do What You Feel

HOOJ24 Tin Tin Out - The Feeling

HOOJ31 - Artemesia - Bits And Pieces

HOOJ38 - Hyperlogic - Only Me

FFFR 254 - Escrima - Train Of Thought

HOOJ25 - Diss-cuss - Save The Day

HOOJ34 Space Baby - Free Your Mind

HOOJ34 Space Baby - Free Your Mind

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