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My Swap List

One of the benefits of running this site is that I can list all my spare records. These are the ones I want to swap (thats trade for the Americans out there). If you have nothing on my want list then send me your spares list, you never know. I have listed prices on my spares but I would much rather swap. My prices (and the bulk discount) reflect my lack of interest in being a record store. You may want to try elsewhere first (for example my list of record stores).

My Spares

Stage One - Space Manoeuvres - HOOJ79X - A Copy of the never released mega-rare Pariah Shadow Lounging Mix. Only around 500 of these exist. I have one spare. The Shadow Lounging mix is simply the best Hooj track to date. Thats why they gave it the X.... 45 / $65

My Wants

Hooj Choons Releases 4,8,13,33 - I Am Not sure what they are though. If you can help then please see the FAQ Section
Miro - By Your Side - HOOJ 84 The unreleased Promo discs with a Hooj label.
Ambient Mixes of Tilt Invisible, Katcha - Touched By God - From Chilled Euphoria
Greece 2000 - 3 Drives - HOOJ63 - (MWNM, Farmtronic, DeNiro) - Full Release Pink \ White Sleeve Only
Lustral - Everytime - HOOJ55CD - Full Release Grey \ White CD Only
L.S.G. - Netherworld - HOOJ52CD - Full Release Purple \ White CD Only
Red Sun - This Love - HOOJ49CD - Full Release Red \ White CD Only
Libido - Second Coming HOOJ45 - Promo Release with Hooj Label
Marmion - Schoneberg - HOOJ43CD - Full Release Green and White CD Only
Diss-Cuss - Save The Day HOOJ32CD - Full Release Blue \ White CD Only
Andronicus - Make U Whole - HOOJ40CD - Full Release Burgandy \ White CD Only
Greece 2000 - 3 Drives - HOOJ63 - (MWNM, Farmtronic, DeNiro) - Full Release Pink \ White Sleeve Only
Space Baby - Free Your Mind - HOOJ35CD - Red \ White CD Only
Artemesia - Bits And Pieces HOOJ31CD - Full Release Blue \White CD Only
Tin Tin Out Featuring Espiritu - Always HOOJ29CD - Blue\Black Striped Cover with Man Running, Only
The Discocks - Voice Of Youth HOOJ24 - Vinyl or CD
Sed Together - Break Loose HOOJ07 - Any Format
Rave 2001 Featuring Carmen Daye - Poor London HOOJ05 - Any Format

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