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Nu-Progressive Era

  Release Date: 26.03.01
  Mixer: 29 Tracks, Mixed by Red Jerry
  Disc 1:
01. Datar - B [Am"B"ient Mix]
02. E.B.E. - Held Over
03. Joeski Presents 6400 Project - Method
04. Mainline - Innerspace
05. Sharem & Youssef - 2 Of Us
06. Tribes Of Krom - Seq Substance
07. Silvio Ecomo - Standing
08. Dune - Boomerang [Quivver Boom Q Mix]
09. Chris Raven - I Know You Love Me [Bruce Norris Mix]
10. Orinoko - Mama Konda [Timo Maas Mix]
11. Tata Box Inhibitors - Freet [Pascal F.E.O.S Remx]
12. Adam Beyer - Remaining Ill
13. Slide - Closure [Lounge Tech Mix]
14. Hipp-e & Tony Presens Soul Interactive - Da Warrior
15. Sander Klienenberg - My Lexicon
16. Soul Mechanik - Can You [Accapella]

  Disc 2:
01. KC Flight Vs Fnky Junction - Voices [Fata Morgana Remix]
02. Hipp-e - Down On Me
03. Sven Vath - My Name is Barbarella [Deep Dish Mix]
04. Ogenki Clinic - Kirei
05. Rui Da Silva Feat Cassanova - Touch Me [Peace Division Remix]
06. Sourmash - Pilgramage to Paradise [Timo Maas Mix]
07. Joff Roach - Analisis
08. Sasha - Xpander
09. Plantastik - Mr Moon
10. The Freak Project - Beat Of A Drum [Steve Lawler Remix]
11. Lovesky - Drum 4 Better Daze [Praha Remix]
12. Multiplicity - Multiply
13. L.S.G. Fragile Part 2
  Hoojfan Comments
A full review will follow as I only just got hold of the CD. The idea behind this CD is that rather than just stuff recent and upcoming Hooj releases on a CD (like the last 8 CDs) Hooj have got all reflective and are making a statement on the whole genre of Dance music and how the barriers are crumbling. Around half of the tunes on the release are Hooj songs however. At first listen it is a well thought out album and presents us with new and old (one song is 4 years old). However for the purist Hooj fans like myself I am probably a wee bit dissapointed, as I like "all the Hooj stuff on 1 CD" approach. Red Jerry does several of the other compilations (E.g. Now Thats What I Call Euphoria 4) and they tend to have the same mixture of Hooj \ Non Hooj tracks on them. My point being why was this CD released on the Hooj label as opposed a major? Still it does have some excellent tracks on it, and whilst I would have prefered some more discovery-bound new releases (as opposed to Sasha Xpander and My Name is Barbarella) I do get the point of the album, its a Nu Era (man). When I compare this to Deeper Shades of Hooj (I, II or III) as a sit back & listen, its tops it. Overall 8/10

PS Check out the cover... I love the "Nu"-jet.. very "Man From Uncle"
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