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Dance Music Record Stores

As a committed vinyl junkie myself, I can think of nothing better than spending what little time I have trawling the world's record stores hunting down records. Here are few of my favorite stores. I have tinted the list to contain Dance music stores where you can find Hooj Choons records. If you want to add your store then contact me.

London - UK

  Record and Tape Exchange - 32-42 Notting Hill Gate - 020 7221 1444 - This chain of 2nd hand shops is a legend. Their customer attitude may be the vinly equivalent of "Wonkei's" Chinese Restaurant but they can't be beat in terms of range, depth and often price. Their 50p bins have accounted for about 15% of my Hooj Collection. They are also dumping grounds for DJs on the Hooj Promo list so you can often get good Promos there too (although these are not cheap). There are about 4 shops around Notting Hill Tube, one at Camden Market and one in Berwick Street. Highly Un-Web-Aware. Rating (4/5)
  Juno - Dance Music Resource Page - www.juno.co.uk - If it is new releases you are after then this is the place. This web only store has MP3 and ASF sound bites of all new releases. The owner of this store must love me as I spend monday trying out and then buying a load of releases from the site. The search is a bit weak but the back catalog search facility is great. Best Online store in my opinion. Rating (5/5)
  HMV - www.hmv.co.uk - I kind of feel embarrased to put this into the list but the main HMV on Oxford Street does one of the largest stocks of all the major stores. They always have a bountiful Hooj Choons section but mainly recent releases. Prices are sometimes shockingly high - For example 15 quid for a copy of Scorchio when XSIf was selling it 2 minutes away for 6. Rating (2/5)
  XSIf Records - Berwick Street - www.xsif.co.uk - First on the Berrick Street run is XSIf. This small shop is a good place for the new releases. They will usually sell the new Hooj releases a few days early too, They also run a label out here. If its new releases you want then this is a good alternatives to HMV up the street where the High Street prices are usually much Higher. (3/5)
  Reckless Records - Berwick Street - www.recklessrecords.co.uk - Reckless Records has a specialist Dance/Hip Hop/ Soul shop and its very good. It has a bit of an Record & Tape vibe and also has a specialist section just for Hooj Choons. There is usually around 10-15 records in this section. Always a good place for older Hooj Choons and Promo cast offs. Rating (4/5)
  Plastic Fantastic - XXX Street - www.plasticfantastic.co.uk - If your off to Covent Garden then slate in a trip to the Plastic Fantstic broom cupboard, This place is good for new releases and a nice slice of upfront promos. Rating (3/5)

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