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HOOJ 101
Halo Varga - Future!

  Release Date: 27.11.00
  Writer:Halo Varga
  1st 12": HOOJ101:
Original Mix
Three N' One Presents 16C Mix
  2nd 12": HOOJ100R:
16B Remix
Jaimy & Kenny D Remix
  CD: HOOJ100CD:
Original Mix
Three 'N One presents 16C+ Remix
16B Remix
Jaimy & Kenny D Remix
  Hoojfan Comments
When I listen to this track now in late 2000 I probably agree that it is better suited to today than when it was signed back in April 2000. I spans genres of dance music and the remixes on this make it a great package. My favourite track since the relaunch into the new style Hooj Choons (i.e. post Andy Ling - Fixation). Overall 8/10.
  Hooj Description
When we signed Future! way back in the spring of this year, we thought that the obviously very talented producer, Brian 'Halo' Varga was going to be making some rather large waves in the subsequent six months. Little needs to be said about the respect that he has gained since then, other than his sound [the definitive example of this we think being Future! - but obviously we're biased] which has gained across the board support from Rampling and Morales through to Deep Dish, Diggers and James Lavelle(!)

The Original Mix, with it's trademark throbbing bassline, and slightly sinister but enlightened vox, shows exactly why it ended up becoming a bit of a Space terrace anthem on the White Island this year - funky as... On the flip 16B has once again straddled the boundaries of deep-tech and progressive house with a romping mix of hooj drops and mad acid effects.

Disc Two kicks of with a Three 'N One presents 16C+ remix, which many of you will know is Sharam Jey of Low Spirit fame. This is a thumping update on the original and has already rocked da house at both Bedrock and Elements. Over, Dutch men of the moment 'Jaimy & Kenny D' provide a slightly trancier take on t'ings but thankfully keep the funk force strong - nice one lads.

Reinforce those record crates, 'cause this is some extra heavy shit.


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