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HOOJ 105
Medway - Release

  Release Date: Apr 2001
  Writer: Jesse Skeens
  1st 12": HOOJ105:
A) Andy Moor Mix
B) Joeski Mix
  2nd 12": HOOJ105R:
A) My Lexicon Mix
B) Original
  CD: HOOJ100CD:
1) Andy Moor Mix
2) Joeski Mix
3) My Lexicon Mix
4) Original
  Hoojfan Comments
It must be a late Christmas present for Jesse Skeens (Medway), a 4 mix re-release of the tune from the excellently titled "Fat Bastard E,P.". The mixes are big on drums and tribal pounding rhythms. Best of the bunch is the Lexicon Avenue mix which wobbles along paying just enough attention to the original. This is the mix that features on GU019 - John Digweed, Los Angeles. Its 3 on the release list which is surprising. Andy Moor from Baroque records delivers a top mix up as the first course and it does not disappoint. Also included is a mix from Joeski (a new name to me) and the original. As a package very much in the same vein as all the post Hooj 102 releases. Progressing along nicely, not earth shattering stuff but an overall 6/10.
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