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HOOJ 106
KC Flightt Vs Funky Junction - Voices

  Release Date: 30.04.01
  Writer: Written by Sting / F. Toson
  1st PROMO: HOOJ106:
  2nd PROMO: HOOJ106R:
  3rd PROMO: HOOJ106X:
  1st 12": HOOJ106:
A. Pete Heller Main Mix
B. Tom Middelton's Cosmos Vocal
  2nd 12": HOOJ106R:
A. Fata Morgana Remix
B. PMT Remix
  CD: HOOJ106CD:
1. Fata Morgana Edit
2. Pete Heller Mix
3. Fata Morgana Remix
  Hooj Description
Out now, 'Voices', a big vocally tribally affair from top Italian bod, Costantino 'Mixmaster' Padovano. Mixes come from Pete Heller, Tom Middleton, PMT alongside the original Fata Morgana mix. Hooj.com promo subscribers can get their grubby little mitts on the limited edition third disc which features the Pete Heller Melodic Dub and Funky Junction mixes.
  Hoojfan Comments
Its OK, not great, A bit too tribally for me. Best mix of the bunch is the Fata Morgana Mix. Overall 5/10.

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