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HOOJ 107
Trancesetters - Synergy

  Release Date:28.05.01
  Writer: Dobre & Jamez
  1st 12": HOOJ107:
A. Kenneth Graham's SIGINT Remix
B. Blackwatch Merseyside Mix
  2nd 12": HOOJ107R:
A. John Graham's Quivver Mix
B. Original Mix
  CD: HOOJ107CD:
1. Kenneth Graham's SIGINT Remix
2. Blackwatch Merseyside Mix
3. John Graham's Quivver Mix
4. Original Mix
  Hooj Description
Out this week, a new one from those top Dutch lads, Dobre & Jamez [aka Jark Prongo, Tata Box Inhibitors, Trancesetters]. Synergy is the follow-up to the seminal 'Roaches'. It's called Synergy, the Original's got a vocal in it that'll remind you of the Shamen [in a good way], but it's the mixes from Blackwatch, Quivver and Kenneth Graham that are most likely to rock your boat. A deep techy trancer from Blackwatch, dynamic tech prog from John 'Quivver' Graham, and a mix from US dude Kenneth Graham that is so deep you could take a bath in it. We love all these mixes, but the Kenneth Graham mix, jeez...
  Hoojfan Comments
This is the best Nu-Hooj release since Halo Varga in my opinion. As Hooj say the Kenneth Graham mix is truly something cool. Being more of a progressive head myself I also like the Quivver mix. Its very "John-Graham-Goes-Prog-Tech-House".... dust down the old Tech Sample CD. I noticed very similar loops and ping pong drums to his Boom Q Remix of "Dune - Boomerang". Overall 8/10

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