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HOOJ 110
Trancesetters - The Saga

  Release Date:28.02.02
  Writer: Dobre and Jamez
  1st 12": HOOJ116:
A. Original Mix
B. Original Censored Mix
  1st 12": HOOJ116R:
4. Andy Jarrod vs Freeloader Mix
5. Drax & Gooding Mix
  CD: HOOJ116CD:
1. Original Mix
2. Original Censored Mix
3. Drax & Gooding Censored Mix
4. Andy Jarrod vs Freeloader Mix
5. Drax & Gooding Mix
  Hooj Description
'The Saga' from Trancesetters. Long-standing favourites of ours, Dutchmen Dobre & Jamez aka Trancesetters celebrate ten years of crazy yet classy productions with this suitably irrepressible release. Spread over two twelves (as is often the Hooj way), disc one holds the frankly mental sounds of the Original mix with its 'the muthafuckin' saga continues' sample ensuring the need for a couple of censored versions on the flip (one of the Original, one of the Drax and Gooding remix). Disc two sees Andy Jarrod team up with Freeloader to turn in an energetic tech-tribal remix while Drax and Pete Gooding provide a slightly more progressive remix on the B.

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