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Felix - Don't You Want Me

  Release Date: 1992
  Writer: Felix (Rollo and Red Jerry)
  12": HOOJ012:
A1 Don't You Want Me (Hooj Mix)
B1 Don't You Want Me (Original)
B2 Yes You Do
  Hoojfan Comments
The first big hit for Hooj. I wonder if this hadn't a hit been such a big hit how Hooj Choons would have turned out now? I am not sure how many copies this actually sold - I have seen figures of one million and 2.5 million. It has been licenced many times (Deconstruction and others). Overall though its a good clanking house tune. This tune start the trend of Red Jerry writing tunes and crediting them to the artist (as opposed to the original writer). As later seen in other RJ productions Red Sun and Katcha, Overall 7/10.

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