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JX - You Belong To Me

  Release Date: 1995
  Writer: Jake Williams
  Promo 12": HOOJ029:
A. Red Jerry / JX Mix
  Hoojfan Comments
Bit of a mix up here. There are actually 2 records that bear the title Hooj29, although I must confess I have not found a physical copy of the other one (Tin Tin Out - Always, as the Hooj Web Site lists). This release was around the time of FFFR cross over stuff. This tune made its way out on Hooj 30. All a bit confusing however. Interestingly enough the drawing of the Stick man on Hooj 29 is different from the drawing on Hooj 30. I would say this makes this disc a rarity. A Nice tune too. Overall 7/10.

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