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Jark Prongo - Movin' Thru Your System

  Release Date: 22.03.99
  Writer: Jark and Prongo
  1st 12": HOOJ72:
A. Original Mix
B. Dave Clarke Remix
  2nd 12": HOOJ72R:
A. Wave 2061
B. Slacker Software System Remix
1. Original Mix
2. Dave Clarke Remix
3. Slacker Software System Remix
  Hoojfan Comments
Sadly enough this track really only became popular because of its appearance on Sasha's Global Underground003.However the package contains a good arsenal of mixes.Slacker delivers a mix that eventually ended up on Deeper Shades Of Hooj 3 and Dave Clarke gives it a lighter context with the same unmistakable vocal sample.Leaving the original,a huge bassline,constantly looping vocals and a synthesizer that'd make you want to scratch your nails on a chalkboard.Mind you its a good song, for the first 20 seconds. Top trance here and the prize for the most original Hooj Stickman by a mile. Overall 6/10 (and that includes 2 points for the Stickman!).
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