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Stage One - Space Manoeuvres

  Release Date: 17.01.00
  Writer: John Graham
  1st PROMO: HOOJ79:
A. Space Manoeuvre's Separation Mix
B. Solar Stone Mix
  2nd PROMO: HOOJ79R:
A. Tilt's Apollo 11 Mix
B. Pariah's Banjo Mix
  3rd PROMO (Ltd Edition): HOOJ79X:
A. Pariah's Shadow Lounging Mix
B. Space Manoeuvre's Total Seperation Mix
  1st 12": HOOJ79:
A. Space Manoeuvre's Separation Mix
B. Tilt's Apollo 11 Mix
  2nd 12": HOOJ79R:
A. Pariah's Banjo Mix
B. Space Manoeuvre's Total Seperation Mix
1. Space Manoeuvres' Separation Edit
2. Space Manoeuvres' Separation Mix
3. Space Manoeuvres' Total Separation Mix
  German Version: Orbit Records - DMDOrbit029
A1. Space Manoeuvres' Separation Mix
A2. Space Manoeuvres' Total Separation Mix
B1. Tilt's Apollo 11 Mix
B2. Solar Stone Remix
  Hoojfan Comments
This was a tricky page to put together; there are so many cuts of this tune around. Justifiably so, it is one of the greatest tracks on Hooj. Definitely in my Hooj top 3. I first heard this mixed in with the Sasha and Digweed - Expeditions CD, it blew me away then & still does. Then came collecting the darn thing. There are a lot of mixes around. It was originally around on Red Parrot records (RPR011 in 1998). It then was licenced to Hooj. Release was another case of the triple promo attack (like Lustral Everytime Hooj83). All the mixes on the promos don't make it to the full release and just to confuse the matter the version and tracks mix around while the catalog numbers stay the same. The Solar Stone mix is widely sought after making this a rarity, however - as much as I am big Solar Stone fan - this mix is not the best of the bunch. The other unreleased mix "Breeders Pariah Lounging Mix" is better. There are un-confirmed that rumours that there are a few acetate pressings of a Red Jerry's and DJ Orkidea's remixes. Overall I can't fault this and Hooj 79 has get a 10/10.

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