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Lustral - Everytime (Remixes)

  Release Date: 22.09.00
  Writer: R Simmonds and S Jones.
  1st PROMO 12": HOOJ83:
A. Mike Koglin Remix
B. A Man Called Adam Balearic Remix
  2nd PROMO 12": HOOJ83R:
A. Way Out West Mix
B. Nalin & Kane Remix
  3rd PROMO 12": HOOJ83X:
A. Timo Maas Mix
B. Katcha Remix
  1st 12": HOOJ83:
A. Mike Koglin Remix
B. Timo Maas Remix
  2nd 12": HOOJ83R:
A. Way Out West Mix
B. Nalin & Kane Remix
  1st CD: HOOJ83CD:
1. Way Out West Sunrise Edit
2. Nalin & Kane Remix
3. A Man Called Adam Balearic Remix
  2nd CD: HOOJ83CDX:
1. Red Jerry's '99 Edit
2. Mike Koglin Remix
3. Timo Maas Remix
  Hoojfan Comments
A Journeyman of a tune. It first started out as a slow tempo, acoustic guitar sampled, dance tune from Messrs Simmonds and Jones (AKA Space Brothers, Chakra and many others). Red Jerry then added breakbeats and gave us the classic Red Jerry mix - these were both on Hooj 55. Now jump forward three years, figure Hooj in the middle of the "year of trance", get some really hot remixes (and we are talking big names) and put out one hell of a promotion machine behind the release. All this gives you Everytime 99! - It was one of the biggest tunes of the year.

Heading the commercial wave was the bouncy Mike Koglin mix, this dominated every "Now thats what I call Trance" album that year. The real gems were in the Balearic and Timo Maas mixes however. I love the way Timo Maas breaks down the mix to expose the (real) string section. The tune and lyrics of this song also gave it that appeal over and above the dance heads.

As mentioned above there was a big promotion machine behind this tune, 3 promo discs where put out, all of which were very collectable. Top of the collectability is 83X which contains the unreleased Katcha mix (the weakest of the bunch in my opinion). The three discs where put out as a triple pack - very collectable. As for the main release it was 2 CDs and 2 12"s (although 83R is hard to come by). Overall 8/10 just for sheer audacity.

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