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Hooj 84 was going to be Miro - By Your Side. It never made it though because of the Hooj abandonment of the trance sound. The Track however was re-scheduled to appear on the sister label Lost Language,at the time of writing (May 2001), it still has to appear. It has been mentioned several times on the Hooj web sites though.

Mads Arp from Miro kindly provided the following information on the promos to the track.....

It sas promoed with 300 copies in autumn 1999 under the name MO - "My Your Side". Tracklisting was A) Original vox & B) side Original Instrumental. The B) side was the version used on Seb Fontaine's Prototype 2 and made Oakenfolds home chart.

In Summer 2000 it also promoed with a one sided mix called the DVK remix (Probably only 100 copies) This release probably was going to be on Hooj 84 however it never made it.

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