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Solar Stone - Seven Cities

  Release Date: September 1999
  Writer: Andy Bury and Rich Mowatt
  1st 12": HOOJ85F:
A. Solar Stone's Atlantis Mix
B. V-One's Living Cities Mix
  2nd 12": HOOJ85X:
A. Solaris Heights Mix
B. Solar Stone's Coastal Mix
  1st CD: HOOJ85CD:
1. Solar Stone's Atantis Edit
2. Solar Stone's Atlantis Mix
3. Solaris Heights Mix
  2nd CD: HOOJ85CDX:
1. Solarstone's Atantis Edit
2. V-One's 'Living Cities' Remix
3. Solar Stone's Coastal Mix
  Hoojfan Comments
Seven Cities is right up there with other Hooj releases such as Gamemaster and Everytime for the commercial trance crown. This is a great melodic trancer. Its commercial but it is very good too. The V-One mix shows some real depth to the track. Seven Cities will crop up again on Lost Language for another well deserved cash run in 2001. Overall 8/10.

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