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Parks and Wilson - Feel The Drums E.P.

  Release Date: 28.08.00
  Writer: Michael Park & Michael Wilson
  1st 12": HOOJ99:
A. My Orbit [Oblique Strategies Mix]
B. The Dragon [Enter The Dub Mix]
  2nd 12": HOOJ99R:
A. My Orbit (Parks & Wilson's Breakdown Mix)
B. Drum Parade (No UFOs) (Parks & Wilsons' Berlin Mix)
1. My Orbit [Oblique Strategies]
2. The Dragon [Enter The Dub Mix]
3. My Orbit [Parks & Wilson's Breakdown Mix]
4. Drum Parade [No UFOs] [Parks & Wilsons' Berlin Mix]
  Hoojfan Comments
This has to be the best (2/3) Tilt package in a long while. In my view it surpases Dark Science and is Parks and Wilson at their best (A Tilt album is rumoured in Spring 2000). The 3 tracks are a promise of more to come. The Dragon is my favourite of the bunch. The "Enter the Dub" mix is good but I would have prefered to get the mix of the full track which can be heard on the excellent "Parks and Wilson Essential Mix" radio broadcast from April 2000. Overall 8/10.

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