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Form & Function

  Release Date: 03.09.01
  Mixer: 23 Tracks, Mixed by Red Jerry
  Disc 1:
01. Nova Nova - Plaid [Aqua Bassino Dub]
02. Kimbu Kimra - Raise The Dead [LFSF Dub]
03. Nathan Larsen feat. Black Pearl - Standing Still
04. Voom:Voom - Poppen
05. Forme - Aqua-note
06. Roy Davis Jr - People From Mars
07. Ambusher - Super Science
08. Nova Scotia - Loose Leaves [Illinton's "Purple Leaves" Mix]
09. The Coastal Comission - Fucked Up Day
10. Deep C & Randall Jones - This Is The Show
11. Envelope - Be There
12. Charles Webster - Your Life

  Disc 2:
01. Norken - Southern Soul
02. Nathan Drew Larsen - Colosseum
03. Ashtar Afterhours - Touchy Feely
04. Fonka Delix - Ganja Mist
05. Chris Brann - No Room For Form
06. Pure Science - Ekeyz
07. Trancesetters - Synergy [Kenneth Graham's SIGINT Remix]
08. Dave Angel - Timeless
09. DJ Gabriel B. & Romelus S. - Gimme Love
10. Plantastik - Artifacts
11. Circulation - Turquoise [differentGear Remix]
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  Hooj Description

It goes without saying that all dance music, by definition, contains an obvious, functional element within it - the need to make people dance. As a label, Hooj has grappled with this simple imperative for over a decade now, trying to keep everything working on today's dancefloors, but at the same time, like everyone else, looking out for tomorrow's sounds, trying to work out the new form in which the function will be contained.

Showcasing tracks and styles that are synonymous with the mellower side of Hooj's output as well as that of Airtight, the summery subterranean grooves and lazily twisted tech house sound of Form + Function (a two CD exploration into the deep house sound compiled and mixed by label head Red Jerry), mines a smooth, and at times hypnotic vein. Providing a fresh take on the already heavily saturated chillout album market, Form + Function eases the coffee-table trance and flogged-to-death downtempo sounds to one side, letting the subtle four to the floor rhythms take centre-stage.

Featuring such artists / remixers from Hooj's roster as Charles Webster, Nathan Larsen, Kenneth Graham and Nova Scotia, disc one is the warmer and jazzier of the two letting the sun-drenched chords and percussive rhythms rise to the fore. Disc two displays the more stripped-down, minimal sounds of Norken, Chris Brann, Pure Science and features the latest Hooj single release, the captivating Turquoise from Circulation amongst others.

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