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Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Remixes)

  Release Date: Was going to be 2001 Sometime
  Writer: Andy Bury and Rich Mowatt
  1st PROMO: LOST002P:
A. Michael Woods Mix
B. Transatlantis Mix
  2nd PROMO: LOST002RP:
A. Ambient Dub
B. Katcha Mix
  Hoojfan Comments
Seven Cities is a great trance melodic sweeping gem. It is yet still to get FULL release. In late 2000 copies of Hooj 85 Seven Cities the first releases were selling upwards of $30 on Ebay, the demand for this song is large. The tune is large too, Katcha mix is very Katcha (same bass sound as the God Track), The Ambient Dub is the version from Chilled Euphoria. 7/10.

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