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Salt Tank: Eugina

  Release Date: 27.11.00
  Writers: M.J. Stanners and D.R. Gates
  1st 12": LOST04:
A. Eugina (Reactivation Mix)
B. Eugina (Michael Woods Warrior Mix)
  2nd 12": LOST04R:
A. Eugina (DJ Tiesto Mix)
B. Sargasso Sea (KM5 mix)
  CD: LOST04:
1. Eugina (Reactivation Mix)
2. Eugina (Michael Woods Warrior Mix)
3. Eugina (DJ Tiesto Mix)
4. Sargasso Sea (KM5 mix)
  Hoojfan Comments
Ah,Salt Tank,they've been described as the missing link between New Order and Orbital. Quite a good idea to squeeze more dollars out of this classic.Eugina was originally released in 94 and got a play-out on Oakenfold's "Goa Silver" and Deeper Euphoria. Disc one shows the new Salt Tank approach to Eugina,same layout,same effect,different feel. No doubt they've gone for a harder edge and made this track twice as good as the original. Quote Hooj "And there we were thinking it was good the first time". Micheal Woods delivers big time on the remix that pretty much shoved him into the spotlight. A flowing bassline,a very airy,atmospheric and uplifting break before bringing in the riff and hammering it all back in,quite simply,the best mix of the pack.Tiesto does poorly over on disc two.Bringing a bounce to the track that obviously didnt take with Dj's nor fans.The finisher includes a new take on the ambient version by KM5.Theres a Progressive Summer mix out there somewhere,but good luck looking. Steev Gives It A 6/10.
  Lost Language Description
The mighty Salt Tank, return with the classic track Eugina with a host of new mixes for 2000 and beyond.

Salt Tank's own 'Reactivation Mix' sticks close to the original, but as they readily admit 6 years on they've "got rid of the mistakes and vastly improved their mixing skills" ≠ and there was us thinking it sounded pretty good before.

On the flip Michael 'Warrior' Woods respectfully gives the track a nu-harder interpretation without going ballistic and losing the beauty of the original parts - gated riffs and monstrous breakdowns will make this the choice for the bigger floors.

Disc two leads with man of the moment TiŽsto not straying far from his or Eugina's roots ≠ throbbing pads and hooky guitars make this a compact floor pleaser. In complete contrast the other side 'Sargasso Sea (KM5 mix)' is a new take on the ambient Eugina for those post club chill out sessions

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