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Roland Klinkenberg: Inner Laugh

  Release Date: December 2000
  Writer: Roland Klinkenberg
  1st 12": LOST05:
A: James Holden Remix
B: Shimmon v Third Degree Remix
  2nd 12": LOST05P:
A: Katcha Remix
B: Steve Porter Remix
1: James Holden Remix
2: Shimmon v Third Degree Remix
3: Katcha Remix
  Hoojfan Comments
Originally released on Tune Inn records in 98,this track has been kicking around the Dj crates for awhile. In 2000, Lost Language picked it up and gave it a polishing down.The Katcha is a bouncy-jouncy mix that rolls from one bar to another leading up to that sinister riff.American Steve Porter gives the track a much more tribal influence that actually worked really well.James Holden though,blows em all into the water.Showing how evil a riff can be, an eerie pulse of melody is the key to the riff here while atmospheric effects take over the track itself and delves into your mind.This track blew up all over compilations across the world,such as Digweed's Global Underground019 and Renaissance Desire.However one damn good mix cant make the entire package good. Steev Gives It A 6/10
  Lost Language Description
Disc one kicks off with James Holden further excelling himself, creating a deep 'n dark mix that twists the riff into an eerie ambient drop - think melodic electronic distorted beats and you've got a lot of adjectives, and a bloody good remix.
On the flip 'Shimmon v Third Degree' (a.k.a Mark Shimmon and Bernie Hurst) go straight for the jugular clean pumpin' beats break down into that dirty monstrous riff.

Disc two kicks off with the on form Katcha again going for the more melodic angle - crisp beats build to a trancey crescendo with that riff again destined to do some serious dancefloor damage.

Over, young American Steve Porter makes his Lost Language debut with a mix that should get the tribal-prog headz bobbin'...

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