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Accadia - Into the Dawn

  Release Date: July 2001
  Writer: Michael Woods
  1st 12": LOST06:
A.James Holden Remix
B.Accadia Ambient Mix
  2nd 12": LOST06P:
A.Ashtrax Remix
B.Accadia Club Mix
1.James Holden Remix
2.Accadia Ambient Mix
3.Ashtrax Remix
4.Accadia Club Mix
  Hoojfan Comments
Into The Dawn was originally written for Chilled Euphoria.An album dedicated mainly to the post-club chillout sessions.Of course this being the first of its kind,the album blew up.Im sure afterwards,Micheal Woods took a look at the track and began pondering...This of course gave birth to Lost006. Returning from his huge remix of Inner Laugh,James Holden gives Into The Dawn the same treatment...distorted beats,inverted samples and eerie vocals dominate, while that more-than-bueatiful Into The Dawn melody rises up from the wreckage of Holden's innovative mind.Dj's and club-goers alike agree,this is Holden's best. Ashtrax gives the track a more breakbeatish sound and the Accadia ambient mix is the complete original featured on Chilled Euphoria.But what good is a Lost Language release without a Micheal Woods remix.Under the Accadia Club Mix,Woods takes the melody right to the jugular,giving it the same treatment as he did he with his Eugina remix.Once again,long mind-bending breaks rule here, and the unmistakable Woods bassline flows throughout. The one drawback is that he (quite stupidly) NEVER brought in the riff.However this is definately my choice for 6am at a massive outdoor rave. Quite a mystery here however.Hooj.com's sample for the Accadia Club Mix actually CONTAINS that riff,while the actual release doesnt.ive asked questions about this and never got an answer.Listen for yourself. All in all,a superb track,and superb remixers.Steev Gives It A 9/10

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