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Saints N' Sinners Peace

  Release Date: August 2001
  Writer: RYoogie Van Bellen & Wilfried Belz
  1st 12": LOST07:
A.Oliver Lieb Mix
B.Micheal Woods Remix
  2nd 12": LOST07P:
A.Humate Mix
B.Original Mix
1.Oliver Lieb
2.Micheal Woods Remix
3.Humate Mix
4.Original Mix
  Hoojfan Comments
Originally released 4 years ago only onto a Ministry Of Sound sampler, Peace is made up of a warm soothing melody line,thats used in different ways through each remix. Oliver Lieb gives it the usual Lieb rundown. Hard bassline,percussion's unavoidable and nice,short no-nonsense breakdowns makes this the Deep Trance portion of the package.Saints & Sinner's original is almost in a sense,housy,but...the GOOD kind of housy. Instead of The Chilled Euphoria series SPAWNING a trance tune (Lost006),Micheal Woods gives Peace an absolutely beautiful ambient mix that got featured on the 3rd installment,Chilled Out.However,majority rules here, Humate gets the best mix of all.A nice summery sound flows throughout various breakdowns,a vocal sample of god-knows-what and that melody eventually rising out of the horizon of an otherwise progressive trance feel track. Forget Das Glockenspiel,Peace is Humate's best remix. Because this package contains 4 different types of electronic music,yet keeping the same feel in all of them, I find that Peace is an absolutely flawless and Steev Gives It A 10/10.

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