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Ballroom - Passenger

  Release Date: 03.09.01
  Writer: Marc O'Toole
  1st 12": LOST07:
A: I-Jack's 'All Work & No Play' Remix
B: Steve Porter Remix
  2nd 12": LOST07P:
A: Slide Remix
B: Mac O'Tool Remix
1: I-Jack's 'All Work & No Play' Remix
2: Steve Porter Remix
3: Slide Remix
4. Marc O'Tool Remix
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  Hooj Description
Ballroom is the alter ego under which German artist Marc O’Tool also produces and his Passenger cut is the next track to drop on Lost Language.

Originally released on Germany’s Underworld Records, Passenger is a pacy, no-nonsense progressive trancer featuring the vocals of O’Tool himself. ‘I am the producer of the Passenger track. I am the remixer of the Passenger track. I am the vocalist of the Passenger track. That’s all’ says O’Tool on the matter.

Mixes come spread over two discs as per usual with I-Jack’s tough and driving peak time interpretation heading up disc one with Steve Porter's slower, tribal-influenced remix providing the flip side.

Over to disc two and a dubby, spacy, bubbling progressive remix comes from Slide (of Cass and Slide fame) while O’Tool finishes off the package with his own tightly produced version.


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